Dr. Uma Kulkarni

Dr. Uma Kulkarni (Chief Executive Officer Morris Foundation)

The association of Sunderji's Institutes and Anjali Morris Foundation goes a long way. As contemporaries in the field of special education, both the institutes have demonstrated great maturity to collaborate, share knowledge and approach each other for any professional assistance. The major share of the healthy association goes to the Director, Mrs Masarrat Tavawalla. With her positive attitude and enthusiasm, she is always willing to learn more, share the knowledge which shows her dedication for the children with special needs. Her determination to reach out to the students is evident from the efforts she puts in for the training programs for teachers. Masarrat leads a highly dedicated staff, working in the school for special children run by the Sunderji's Institute. I was very happy to visit the school and see their work. Anjali Morris Foundation would like to wish Sunderji's Institute greater success and laurels.

Dr. Archana Kadam

Dr. Archana Kadam (Consultant Developmental Pediatrician, KEM and Jehangir Hospital)

As a practicing Developmental Pediatrician in Pune since 13 years, one challenge we deal with regularly is how to help the child and their family optimally. Parents have a lot of unanswered queries as they are looking at school options for their child. Since the last 13 years, many of my children have been attending school and therapy at the Sunderji’s Institutions. This is for regular kindergarten or for the SIOS or the Autism special divisions. Children have also attended remediation at the Institution in case of Learning Disability. The parents have been satisfied with the care, teaching and the child friendly environment provided at the institution. The recent new branches of the Institution also seem promising. I wish Mrs. Tavawalla and her team all the very best in their endeavors to support, educate and empower children who are differently abled.

Lubaina Lokhandwala

Lubaina Lokhandwala (Owner, Rainbow Kids Pre school)

The Sunderji's are my mentors, guide & philosophers. With no teaching background, working with them was like a new learning each day. The Sunderji's have always allowed creativity & talent to flow & have always raised the level high. Working with them for more than 15 years has given me the confidence of starting my own pre school with their teachings & principles in mind. I am thankful to the founders & principal for all their support & wishes. I would also like to wish the Sunderji's Institutions good luck & may they continue to expand their roots & continue doing the good job. All the best.

Zainab Shahiwala

Zainab Shahiwala (Former Employee)

It is said, every experience in your life is orchestrated to teach you something you need to know to move forward in life. Four years at Sunderji's Institutions have been enriching in many ways. Each founder member, the Principal and every staff member had a major contribution in my growth as a person. I found the perfect balance of professionalism and the liberty given to each employee to explore and grow at Sunderji's which reflects very well in the quality of teaching provided here. Quality is something that was never compromised by any teacher or staff and innovation in their teaching methodology was always encouraged by the Principal. Sunderji's is not about just a kindergarten school anymore. The hard work of the founder members and the Principal has taken the institution to great heights and their achievements have been endless. I feel honoured and proud to be associated with a brand like Sunderji's Institutions. My experience at Sunderji's was not just a "job" for me. It was a big part of my life that I will always cherish. I am grateful to the founder members and Principal for giving me the opportunity to work with them. It still feels like I am a part of this big happy Sunderji's family. Thank you.


Sharvari Parasnis (Coordinator at Suyog Sunderji Teacher's Training Institute, Wagholi, Pune )

Hello, I am Sharvari Parasnis, Proud to be associated with Sunderji teachers’ training Institute! The awareness & the importance of early childhood education is finally getting it's due! Schools are insisting on trained teachers and parents too are focussing on schools that give child centred education. Hence there is no denying the fact that teachers who are trained in Early childhood education & care are integral part of schools that give child centred education. Suyog Sunderji Teachers' Training Institute is fulfilling this need with a very comprehensive program in Early Childhood Education, Recognised by National Council Of Teachers' Education- N.C.T.E. Here the trainee enjoys being a student and is getting invaluable experience during her one year intensive certificate course. The course material & practical work are in sync with the current trends. Professional Workshops and visits to different schools enhance the experience a trainee gets. Thorough guidance in planning lessons makes the trainees confident and effective in classrooms. Lesson plans become a second nature. The lesson presentations allow the trainee to gain valuable experience whether it be a science lesson, a math lesson or an Art and Craft lesson! & Computer skills, Spoken English Skills make this course a complete package. Assignments and submissions in the form of art and craft, language and phonics profile books, creative Math profile books provide every trainee with a portfolio she can be proud of! The well equipped phonics program to lay the foundation for a comprehensive language development , needs a special mention. A new subject titled “Turning the wheel for 21st century Education” has been introduced so that trainees are not only trained in effective teaching methods but are also equipped to meet the needs of children of new millennium adapting current trends in Early childhood education. The one year training program is a pleasure to conduct especially with presentations and the methodically planned annual calendar and the curriculum planner. May it grow and flourish all over the country!”